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What Our Clients Say About Us


I owe my cat's life to Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital. The veterinarians and staff are incredibly thorough and caring. If it wasn't for their high level of clinical knowledge, skill, and care, my 'senior' cat Sparkleman, wouldn't be alive today. I am so impressed with the clinical knowledge and skill that the whole staff provides, and this includes not only their medical expertise, but also the care and attention to detail and care they provide while Sparkleman has boarded with them. 


Thank you, Exclusively Cats, for allowing me to enjoy more wonderful time with my cat!


--Stephanie Bruce




About aIchi and Yumi - Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital - Waterford, MI year ago I adopted my black Maine Coon male, whom I named 'Ichiro' (Ichi for short), through the wonderful people at Exclusively Cats.  He had been living in a 'kitty foster home' and needed a home of his own.  I was introduced to Exclusively Cats through my mother who also is a client of theirs. They made sure he was current on his shots and gave him a thorough physical before turning him over to me.  They called diligently to make sure everything was going well in his new environment and I assured him that I fell in love with him already. 



Recently, after getting Ichi his yearly physical and shots I adopted another black Domestic Long Hair female cat that I named 'Ayumi' (Yumi for short) whom was also living in foster care.  They gave her the same excellent care before and after bringing her home.  Now, not only does Ichi have a playmate and companion, my girlfriend and I have hours of entertainment watching and caring for the both of them.  Everyone at Exclusively Cats, from the doctors to the assistants are such dedicated people.  Not only to the welfare of cats, but of all animals.  It is for this reason, among many others, that I would never have my kitties physical well being taken care of anywhere else but Exclusively Cats! 


--Justin Miyahara



A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Bailey on his well deserved achievement. I also want to acknowledge all the staff at ECVH for their part in helping him achieve this accreditation. I went to the ABVP site and looked up what this certification meant. These were the words that jumped out at me: "Clearly superior to the norm of the profession". I believe that behind any strong professional, doctor or otherwise, there are talented dedicated people who assist, encourage and in doing so play a role in an individual's successes.

Congratulations to you all. Dr. Bailey's achievement speaks for not just his dedication but to you all.

I am honored and comforted my felines are your patients.


--Heather Coats



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